Independent creative direction

I am interested in working for companies that believe in a human centred approach to the creation of digital experiences. In my time as a digital media professional I have lived through and survived a fair share of tools, technologies, design trends and browser versions. Looking past all those things, I know what really matters: the ability to connect emotionally with other people and to avoid the obvious response to a brief. These things persist and in combination with an eye for good design, technical flair and experience with processes, I believe they are drivers behind any success I have as a designer.


Curiosity and natural progression have given me experience across a range of disciplines. This means that I can step in to your team and contribute or drive from design thinking to design making and design implementation.


I have worked independently and for agencies. Serving clients across industries including life science, fashion, toys and kids intertainment. The following cases below are a selected brief overview. For more information about any of these cases please reach out and I will be happy to provide more information, show and tell.


Let's talk

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Leif Løvgreen
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