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In 20016 I started Lovegreen Creative, a small creative studio to focus on interaction design and creative offerings accross digital, service and product design. The studio is driven as a independent research and development lab where IoT concepts and physical interactive applications can be tested.

Self initiated projects

Maximum freedom can always stimulate creative thinking and that freedom is what drives my self-initiated projects. It is where all the ideas that have potential (but no budget yet) can be initially tested. Many of these projects sit in the intersection of physical and digital and reflect my fascination and interest in dynamic input data and how that can be visualized in non-conventional ways.

Life is full of inspiration and problems to solve. My self initiated work often have an element of capturing physical data or utilising existing data feeds in order to create valuable services or unique user experiences.

When I get ideas worth exploring I initiate the process through coining the concept in mockups and prototypes. I research and outline how it can be build and then leave it aside until there is an opportunity to bring it up in a commercial project or pitch it to an investor or client.