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Anthill Agency empower clients through their digital transformation journey with a range of services that help deliver memorable customer experiences and drive business impact.

From strategy to execution

Anthill creates state-of-the-art digital communications matched with high levels of professional service for life science clients around the world.

I was in Anthill from the start having worked for the sister company Agnitio as a digital art director on their GSK account. With the focus on designing interactive communication, I joined Anthill and after 3 years I was promoted to creative director and head of the creative department with 10+ designers and copywriters.

My work involved everything from facilitating workshops, gathering insight, delivering ideas and prototypes for winning pitches, building content maps and wireframes to design direction through storyboarding and creation of UI, to leading work from KPI’s, define tracking points, developing strategic communication flows and prototyping key interactive experiences that are center pieces. While most projects where for mobile like iPad e-detailing, we also designed a number of physical and digital blended experiences for conferences and events.

Among the many things I learned at Anthill, was to be customer centric and build good client relations. I learned to orchestrate creative offerings on a broader scale, much familiar to service design where analysis, opportunity mapping and storytelling are part of the work. I learned a lot about managing a creative team and how to make them grow. And I learned senior management in what it means to grow a successful business and enjoyed working for some major companies in the life science industry.