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LEGO® are one of the world's largest toy manufacturers and the largest in construction toys. The products are sold all over the globe where the world's children spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.

LEGO Interactive Experiences

In times when new technologies and especially gaming is getting increased attention from the youngest, LEGO still have unique relevance in its physical presence. Creating online engaging experience with the products on was a playful affair.

My very first job as digital designer was in the late dot com aera. I had just started in a small Copenhagen based agency called and my first task was to make an animated interactive banner featuring the LEGO Technic SuperCar for the center stage on I was at the agency for over 2 years and worked about 90% on LEGO projects. So, I was very familiar with the company when a few years on, during my studies, joined LEGO Interactive Experiences, in London and later worked directly for the headquarters in Billund, DK.

I worked in digital art direction with focus on product presentations, games and animation for the web.

For users the LEGO box graphics are the central point of recognition, and high-quality imagery already produced for print, would often be the starting point of the digital projects. My creative strategy would be to synthesise my understanding of the target audience with my a review of existing material, to support the physical experience of the box and the hours of play it represented. I enjoyed the creative challenge of making that graphic come alive in an interactive animated narrative, that would stimulate the urge to play more with the physical toys. Over a period of 3 years I designed and developed several data driven, center stage, visually rich web applications.